August 5, 2010

All-Star Rankings

To qualify for the western team, skiers must meet these criteria:

  • Be top 10 in the region for any specific event
  • Be top 3 within your school
  • Be academically eligible according to the national guidelines
  • Skier must have skied within the same ski year as All-Stars
  • In case of a skier who has graduated, they must have either graduated within the same academic year as All-Stars
    • Graduated in December, January, February or March provided that the skier would have been eligible under NCWSA Tournament Rules had he not graduated

Athletes meeting these criteria will be given first right of refusal to be part of the WCWSA All-Stars Team.

The rankings for All-Stars is comprised of the top scores for the current ski year mean starting Fall going through Spring leading up to 2 weeks before All-Stars.

Click Here For Current All-Star Rankings